Burrito Bros. is owned by Janet and Randy Akerson and Eric Dany.  The restaurant was originally called Key West Taco and had been open for a year or two when, in 1976, it was purchased by a couple of guys, one of whom was Eric, who thought they wanted to own a restaurant.  They changed the name to Burrito Bros., taking as inspiration a country rock band, the Fabulous Flying Burrito Brothers, ran it for about a year and realized that the restaurant business wasn't for them.  They sold most of it to Randy and Janet, who have been running the restaurant ever since.  Randy still cooks occasionally at the store but is mostly retired because the crew told him he was slowing down the line and kicked him out.  Janet keeps the books and is also the administrative director for the Florida Trail Association.    Eric is retired from John Deere and lives in Moline, IL.

        Janet and Randy in 1977 when they bought the Bros.                  

The store in the late 70's.